Fliggles™ FAQ

Do I need to buy coins to play the game?
No. Fliggles is a free game. We wanted everyone to be able to have 'fantastic fun' playing Fliggles. The game starts with enough Fliggles to finish the first chapter. Extra Fliggles can be earned by playing mini games. We also award bonus Fliggles for liking us on Facebook as well as rating the game in the AppStore.

How do the bonus items work?
The bonus items are called Fliggle friends and they are used to collect items the player does not want to collect themselves or used to defeat meanies. The use of Fliggle friends is not required in order to complete a level, except for the learning level for the friends. Five friends of each type are provided for free in the game.

My iPad/iPhone died and I lost all my progress. Can I get it back?
We are sorry. Progress is saved on the device so Fliggles saved information will be lost and cannot be restored.

I’m taking art classes and drew a Fliggle in school. Is there a way to share my stylized Fliggle portrait?
Absolutely. We would love to see it and post it on the web site.

Can I change the color of my Fliggle?
So, you don't like purple? :) The capability to change the color of your Fliggle is not provide. We hope to develop other Fliggle games in the future and different abilities will be available to different colored Fliggles.

I have a suggestion about the game, is there someone who will listen?
Please feel free to contact us. If it is regarding a bug report we will address it as soon as possible.

How can I sync my purchases on all my devices?
Fliggles progress and Fliggles purchases are saved to the device. This information is not synced between different devices.

I just purchased a new device, do I have to start playing levels all over from the beginning?
If you set up your new device from restoring from a backup all of your existing saved game information should be transferred to your new device. In app purchases are tied to the device and cannot be transferred.

Can I skip ahead to other levels or chapters?
Levels are completed sequentially. After the last level of a chapter is completed the next chapter will be unlocked. Additional chapters can also be unlocked using Fliggle coins.

Will there be more levels added to the game?
We have plans to develop future levels and chapters. They would be provided in an update to this game or they might would be part of a brand new Fliggles game.

Temple Tantrum™ FAQ

When will Temple Tantrum be released?
Temple Tantrum™ is still in development and we hope to have it released in 2015. It will be very much different from the game that we released for the Mac in December, 2000. Get ready for some fun explorations!

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These FAQ will expand as more questions are received. If you do not find the support you need please feel free to contact us.